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Rose Water Hydration for Hair and Skin

Rose Water Hydration for Hair and Skin

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Pretty and powerful, these flower hydrosols are an excellent way for your skin to retain hydration, connect flawlessly with skincare, sunscreen, and makeup. We highly recommend using this product to hydrate the Abyrose French and Moroccan Clay Masks.

Being a gentle exfoliant, this floral mist will keep skin free of particles that can clog the skin while also paving the say for moisturizing products to preliterate deep into the skin and be fully beneficial. Safe for use on dry and or sensitive skin types, this mist will keep your skin plump and pampered.

Not only is this a wonderful addition to a skincare routine but also your haircare. These floral tones will have your hair smelling like a beautiful bouquet.

Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol, Neroli Hydrosol, Hibiscus Hydrosol,

Directions: Start with a test patch. Use on hair, skin, linens.
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